Patta x Nike Air Max 1 2 colors



Introducing a featured work from the Netherlands, submitted by the popular store “Patta”, which leads the European sneaker cultural scene, to breathe new style into the Air Max tradition!

Patta x Nike Air Max 1 2 colors
Collaboration with Air Max 1 as the popular Amsterdam-based Patta store is unlikely.

Patta has produced works like “Cherry Wood” in the past, but the legendary silhouette designed by Tinker Hatfield is again expressed in Patta’s worldview.

In both colors, the mini swoosh on the forefoot, which is familiar in collaboration with AM1, is still alive, but more than just a collaboration, the fender is designed to draw a wavy zigzag throughout the shoe, in collaboration with Patta. a certain “identity”.

In addition, the upper part has been completely revised and a resistant gray ballistic mesh has been adopted.

White leather overlays cover the heel, vamp and midfoot, and suede is used for the swoosh and fender.

Plus, the vintage-looking distressed midsole further enhances the appeal, as if you want to make the Air Max 1 story “want”.

The finish is a tricolor sole.

It is a special collaboration with a fresh design that feels particular in the details of each part and a unique sense of Patta.

Two types will be available, “Monarch” and “Noise Aqua”.

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Scheduled to be released on October 8-15, 2021: A collaboration with the “Patta” worldview that feels attention to detail and unique design is waiting! AIR MAX 1


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