PUMA Debuts Re Smart sneakers


The Re:Suede sneaker will make its debut as part of PUMA’s upcoming pilot scheme looking at circularity in this space and aiming to produce a biodegradable shoe. 500 participants from across Germany will wear the Re:Suedes for six months, testing its durability and functionality, before then sending the sneakers back to PUMA. Once the shoes have been returned, PUMA will perform an industrial biodegrdatio

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PUMA (XETRA:PUM.DE +1.69%) has launched a sustainability-focused iteration of its classic Suede silhouette, which is due to launch as part of a pilot scheme early next year. Dubbed the Re:Suede, the sneaker will incorporate a range of innovative materials, including Zeology tanned suede, biodegradable TPE and hemp fibres.


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