This shoe rack cost 3 Dollars.

Ikea surprises its customers with a shoe rack for only 3 euros that is extremely versatile.

Ikea sorprende a sus clientes con un zapatero de solo 3 euros que arrasa por su versatilidad

The organization of the shoes is essential. There are many people who still continue to take off their shoes when entering the house to avoid introducing dirt or worse things into the house, so there are already thousands of those who have chosen to acquire the Nordic custom of having their shoes at the entrance and not walking around house with the same thing that is used to be on the street.

In this situation and taking into account that we do not usually have a single pair of shoes (not two or three), it is essential to reserve a space for a shoe rack in which to store the shoes and maintain the long-awaited order.

There are shoe racks for all tastes and budgets, but if the money you have is not much, or you just want to spend little money on this piece of furniture, you can always turn to and take a look at the Ikea shoe racks, which has a wide catalog in which you will surely find a good solution for what you are looking for. From here we present you the cheapest, most practical Ikea shoe racks that can best help you solve the problem of shoe organization.

The cheapest Ikea shoe rack
Although it is not strictly a shoemaker, it may well serve you so that your shoes are not in the way and maintain order at the entrance of the house. It is actually a shoe rack, but you can use it as a shoe rack by installing it next to the door, inside a closet or under the hall furniture, for example. If you leave your shoes in it, the sole will not touch the tiles at home and, in addition, you will have all the pairs well organized, next to each other and at hand. You can stack more than one since it has a fitting system. And best of all, the price of the Ikea Grejig shoe rack: just 3 dollars.

Another Ikea shoe rack that enjoys an unbeatable price is the Trones shoe rack (below these lines), available in two colors: black and white. Each piece consists of two shoe racks located one above the other and, since it follows a modular system, you can create all the combinations you need and, in addition, use the upper part as a shelf. One of its great advantages is that it is a narrow piece of furniture (18 centimeters deep), which makes it a perfect piece for corridors, small hallways or places with little space. The price of this shoe rack of 19 dollars.

If you are looking for this same concept of shoe rack but on a board, you can opt for the Bissa model, which also includes two vertical shoe racks and a small shelf at the top. In this case, the background is a bit larger (28 centimeters) and you can also use them as a module to design your own creation based on your needs. Its price is 25 euros and 39 if you want three compartments instead of two.

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